Which resources do manager need to have for a company’s activities in the field of internet marketing?


Human resources: We have young employees. They are person who has ability, enthusiasm and loyalty. They have high level with their major. They could do team work and could become a team leader.

Company’s Finance: We have enough budgets for medium and small projects. We also have ability to payment salary for all employees in one year if we don’t make profit from our business.

Working environment: We created working environment friendly and fairly. All employees could share to their ideas with colleagues and superiors. We offer the best conditions for all employees to raising effective working.

Competitive environment: Our major field is marketing online with SEO. This is the field that is quit new in Vietnam. However, in Hanoi where we have headquarters, many company also active in the same field, so we met much hard to seek market shares. We can seek new market share at other provinces in the country.

Company’s culture: We work on principles of professional, discipline and effective.

Leader’s ability: We choice combination of the two leadership styles both autocratic leader and democratic leader. We use these styles in other situations. Although our leaders are young people but they not only have ability but also work hard. They know how the way to inspire and motivate employees effectively.

Government policies: The government policies encourage to the field of information technologies and education by the duty-free policy in the business for three years. These reduce tax cost for our company in activities.


Other relationships: We built many good relationships with clients and partners.

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